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Iron- on Swarovski crystal white AB

0,35 €

Iron-on flat based glass crystal (Austria) 

Crystal width 3 mm

Price is per one crystal (1 tk) 

  • 23950
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  • 15

Instructions: remove the film from the bottom of the crystal. Heat should be applied from the other side of the fabric, so the heat can react with the glue on the flat side of the rock. If you have a steam iron, make sure the steam holes are not on the crystal. Heat with a suitable temperature for the fabric, press for 12-30 seconds. After cooling down remove the rest of the film. If it looks like its not sticking fimrly, repeat the action and hold the heat for longer seconds.

 AB (Aurea Borealis) crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface, so they give out a multicolored effect.